Wednesday, May 30, 2007

congrats to flektor!

as you may or may not know, jason rubin is one of our clients. a great one at that actually. he is a perfectionist like us and a great balance of hands on/hands off management. we're working with him on his original property, iron and the maiden. the capacity of this relationship is yet to be seen...

...for now, we want to congratulate jason on another venture of his...flektor. see, jason is crazy like us when it comes to taking the "idle hands" theory to the nth degree. on top of the iron and the maiden property(look for the series of comics to be released august 1st..."iron day"), jason had also joined forces last year with former naughty dog cohort andy gavin and jason kay from kay2ventures, forming flektor, inc.

anyway, today they officially announced that flektor has been acquired by fox interactive media...owners of mySpace.

announcement on flektor's blog

congrats jason and the flektor team!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

fun hope stuff

here's a little mood piece/early viz dev for a portion of the animated short we'll be working on after our initial work on iron and the maiden wraps up.


Monday, May 14, 2007

iron and the maiden

the comic's release date and publisher has been announced.

this is something that is really cool in many ways. the most immediate(and only one we can talk about right now) is the message this sends to creators out there who want to stay independent and own their property...yet get something produced that gets great backing.

build it and they will come. jason did this sooo right. one core philosophy of his is simple yet very, very powerful. assemble the right talent. pay them what they deserve. let them do their job.

on august 1st everyone will see the result of that philosophy when this series is released. the dreamhive has been fortunate enough to get to see and read the entire series along with the alternate covers. we've been blown away by everything we've seen and read. it is truley his singular vision backed by a collaborative effort of some of the creative world's top talent:
*francis manapul
*joel gomez
*comic craft
*joe mad!
*jeff matsuda
*christian lichtner
*jim lee
*michael turner
*chris bachalo
...and more to be announced.

good luck to jason and aspen. can't wait until august 1st!! stay tuned for more including how the dreamhive is involved in all this...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

still here!

heya folks.

rest assured, we're still here...just busy as hades! we have lots of cool stuff going on, some of which we will be showing here real soon.

stayed tuned...