Monday, December 29, 2008


we're not much for sitting back and relaxing. while we have definitely enjoyed the past few days off with family...we're ready to face the new year with some fresh new stuff.

we've found that iPhone development is really cool and an avenue that offers us tons of opportunities to introduce folks to our library of IP. so we're going to do just that...and, of course, a little bit more:)

there are a few developments that we hope to be announcing here soon.

one thing in particular is our next game. mathias has spent some of his "time off" working on some gorgeous new artwork that we're going to be using to produce our sophomore effort and follow up to Squish Squash.

so...long story short...we're not going anywhere and neither should you guys. keep on coming by and checking in on us because we promise lots of new iPhone-centric developments this year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy holidays...go buy squish squash!!

heh...HOPE may be jealous of Squish Squash being the dreamhive's very first 100% independently produced IP, but we couldn't be more giddy.

this game is an incredible testament to what a small group of focused, talented folks can do once the power is in their hands to realize a singular vision.

we promise much more to come and will have some really cool announcements to make during this upcoming year.

in the meantime, go out and buy squish squash. play it. tell your friends if you like it and take the time to write a review. you can check out a video of the game along with some info and pro tips at the official site here.

tom, mathias, and i would like to personally thank wes for his incredible dedication and crazy amount of time he spent on this game. wes came up with the initial game design, learned to program on the iPhone, wrote all of the code from scratch, modeled the bugs, and created the "outer fringe" artwork for the playing board to name a few things. he stayed focused...kept his eyes on the prize...and delivered one HELL of a great product.

thanks wes!!

i also would personally like to thank mathias for his awesome art direction and tom for putting together some kick ass sets and very fun levels...and being nice enough to throw in a couple of my suggestions. i was working on another project and was only able to contribute by creating our font and testing. that's actually why i can say with 100% honesty that this is a fun was the first time in forever that i'd been able to be part of something in such a way that it stayed fresh to me. i have to tell you it was great getting new builds from wes and seeing how everything came together so perfectly in just 9 weeks.

in the midst of all the craziness this year...the dreamhive gained two new "members" of the hive...little tommy angus and noah grandmont. congratulations to you guys and your families...mathias and i wanna know how you found time to do this? LOL.

finally, our thoughts go out to our commarades in the entertainment industry that are feeling the brunt of our tough economic times.

the dreamhive wishes you all the warmest holiday wishes. here's to the hope of prosperity for us all in 2009!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

...and the beat goes on....

heya folks sorry for the radio silence. we're super busy here at the dreamhive trying to wrap everything up before the holidays.

i thought i'd take a moment and give some major blog boost to our friends at GameBeatStudios. these guys are based out of chicago and did all of our sound design for squish squash. sorry for the pun...but they KILLED it.

anyway, darryl duncan from gamebeat actually made my job easy for me this time around and posted a clip on their site about their experience working with us.

so...take it away darryl:
GameBeat is BUGGIN'!