Monday, January 25, 2010

inks - AND color...

on what now seems to have become the first panel of the next strip - this one once again is gonna be about the careless way we tend to treat the air that we breathe - and how the bottom line almost always overrules common sense...

on an artistic note, i think that andrea faust works really well (the little professor thinks so, too) - only glitch is that i need to give her her cel-phone, because she will receive an important call in the very next panel...



Monday, January 18, 2010

german genetics

i'm thinking about introducing genetically enhanced andrea faust into the comic book version of the hope universe - as yet another misguided omnicorp employee (the more misguided, the more determined they are...)

she is the head of omnicorp's dna-improvement unit in germany,
with identical twin brother andreas faust

here's the pencils (with the little professor being somewhat distracted)


inks to follow soon...


page 'o' sketches...

page four put together for 'atomic lead' , a little 'best of 2009' compilation page

onto something bigger and better in 2010!!



"food for thought"...

done and done!
against all odds, and thanks to an ever stretching deadline (thanks, ed) i was able to deliver the last page on monday, AND an additional page of sketches.

i've seen the collected artwork, and it's gonna be a glorious book!!!

onward and upward


"never give up..."

"never surrender!"

keeping up the fight, both hope and me!
I'm knee deep into my third page, and it's looking pretty good so far - i should be able to finish it in time for the deadline, despite all the moving- and holiday-related craziness going on around us - and THIS TIME, hope will encounter a REAL monster - not some genetically enhanced bumble bee, or some faceless corporation - but a big ol' city-eating, tentacled comic book-type monster - OH YEAH!
And while keeping with the overall theme of environmental issues and challenges, this one will also be an homage to fantastic four #1 and little nemo full page sundays, all rolled into one - BOOYA!



page 2 ...

here's another little preview for the second 'hope'-page for atomic lead ...
you're gonna have to buy the book to see the final product...
- the backgrounds were more labor-intensive than anticipated (one would think that i'd have learned by now - but noooooooo!!)

it turned out quite pretty, i think - the panels were all painted in full color, as usual - but i also prepared a gray-scale version for atomic lead, taking a different level of contrast and the lack of separation through color into account...


panel 2

main characters are inked:

shawanna closeup

she did not end up on the page after all, but here she is:

another floridian bird

background character (as in: "there is no such thing as a...")

EWA: 'egret with attitude'



playing catch-up

hey y'all

haven't posted here in a while - lots of things have happened since then.

Mostly good things!!!

in the meantime, i contributed to 'atomic lead', a graphic anthology by the artists at Sucker Punch Studios.

i'm gonna catch you up to speed, and then keep on posting my progress with the ongoing hope strip...