Sunday, July 26, 2009

holiday in balconia

hey everyone

in hard times like these, when the economic crisis makes your funds melt away like butter left out in the sun, people re-evaluate everything, including what to do with their vacation: Instead of taking expensive trips to exotic locations - 15 european countries in seven days, for instance ;), they stay home more often, and enjoy the serene, luxurious AND CHEAP surroundings of their own picturesque backyard, shady patio and refreshing swimming pool....

home is where the grill is....

anyhoo, guess where hope and shawanna are going to take a few days off and relax from their stressful duties as comic-book characters?

stay tuned


Friday, July 17, 2009

"In the summertime..."

"when the weather is high......"

I can't get a decent tan!
Ever since i started spending my time exclusively in the dark in front of my computers, i burn waaayyyy too quickly to be able to spend any significant amount of time outside anymore, at least here in 'sunny florida'...

The little petbot, though - not so much!
Robots seem to be cut from a different cloth - he can't get enough of those UV-Rays, but he doesn't seem to change color at all -
still all pasty silver, as far as i can tell - robot-problems, sheesh...

the girls are talking about the weather, too -
hope, as always, has her own take on things...

sorry for the lack of posts, btw - we've been terribly busy, as always -
but please, keep on checking in, as i have a bunch of WIP-updates coming up...

closing out, as we began this post, with the words of the great philosopher Mungo Jerry:

"When the weather's fine
we go fishing or go swimming in the sea.
We're always happy,
life's for living, yeah, that's our philosophy."

thanks for stopping by