Wednesday, January 31, 2007

dreamhive work featured on mudbox site

at dreamhive we use mudbox to author our high res meshes and to do some other pipeline specific stuff. we were fortunate enough to get to participate in their beta testing program where we instantly fell in love with its ease of use and intuitive workflows. plus it can extract surface maps like no one's business. supa fast.

anyway, we were very honored when we were contacted by the fine folks at skymatter to ask permission to add one of the models we were working on to their online gallery.

check out the entire gallery.

the work in this gallery is amazing and we are very stoked to be included alongside such craftsmenship.

anyway, pop by the mudbox site sometime and peruse around...feel the love!

Monday, January 29, 2007

hope's mySpace page

curious about hope? drop by her mySpace page to see her in action and see some of the development that has gone into one of the dreamhive's original properties. request to be one of her friends and drop by often to check out updates.

yet another accent on the dreamhive's ability to stay on top of what's new out there, is the fact that we are using flektor in this blog AND hope's mySpace page.

flektor is a new internet experience being pioneered by andy gavin, jason kay, and jason rubin. the dreamhive is participating in an exclusive test of the technology, so we can't go into detail much right now. let's just say its going to change how we share tidbits about ourselves online.

we've also integrated hope's flek into this blog so you can see that you'll be able to keep up with hope via our blog, mySpace page, and probably soon...our main site.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

need hope?

of course you do. don't we all?

well, right now the dreamhive is hard at work on an original cg action adventure series that will give you hope.

make sure to check back frequently to see concept work for hope-the animated series as we progress.

Our New Studio Blog

Well it's a new year and we've finally got our site up and running! Billy, Tom and I are nearly halfway through our first contract and we're very happy with how things are going thus far. Starting a new studio is a dream come true for all of us. It feels alot like when Becky and I became parents. We thought we knew what it was all about and we thought we were ready, but when it happens you are still surprised at what you're capable of when you are really thrown into the deep end. To our friends and family, we thank you for your support and well wishes. -Wes III