Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the dreamhive backs up madonna and jt!!

how awesome is that?

if you guys watched the free madonna concert on msn tonight, you were treated to an awesome spectacle.

...and the dreamhive is PROUD to say that we were a part of that spectacle.

that's right!! the dreamhive got to work on graphics for two of madonna's new songs. two HUGE songs. first, our work was backup for her majesty and justin timberlake for an awesome set of "4 minutes". i cannot tell you how cool it was to be getting footage of madonna and justin from the set of the music video to apply our cg work to.

man...i'm STILL geeking out about having our work featured behind those guys. i mean, madonna? justin timberlake? come on!! how sick is that?

okay...sorry...i'll stifle myself.

the second song which featured some dreamhive love was "give it 2 me". that song is one of my personal favs on her new album. for that one, christian lamb(the show's director) coordinated cg lasers we produced with a live laser light show. again...more geeking...drool...wipe...geek some more...more lasers...madonna dancing...drool...wipe. repeat:)

anyway, we hope some folks out there got to see it and while madonna is pretty tough to take your eyes off of on stage...hopefully you enjoyed some of the dreamhive's handy work.

we'd like to thank the crew at frank the plumber, the fellas who we worked on this with. this was an awesome opportunity for our studio and we appreciate it very much.

watch the show again!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

free madonna show...

make sure to check out madonna's free show in new york tomorrow night:
madonna live from NYC

then make sure to check back on our blog the very next day for some cool news!