Sunday, June 21, 2009

the bee's knees


finally finished the third strip - this was a LOT of work on the backgrounds - but i think it turned out well...
the strip concerns itself with some hot topics: not only DON'T we really know how gene-manipulated organisms will affect our environment, the ecological equilibrium, in the future, we're also allowing big companies to basically own certain varieties or types, or breeds of fauna and flora that heretofore couldn' t belong to anyone, like flowers, corn, wheat, pigs, chicken etc.

yes, brave new world, indeed - no wonder that our protagonist, poor little hope, is somewhat overwhelmed by the self-confidence and intellectual brilliance on display by the representative of multinational food-supplier 'omnicrops', who reassures her that everything is under control...

but going by her intuition, she just KNOWS that, when someone tells you THAT, you gotta be doubly careful and get the hell outta dodge...


tune in next time!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

going places....

hey all,
here is a quick latenight sketch, done after our weekly studio meeting at the alehouse,
and then quickly colored in even later at night back home...

It was nice, for a change, to work somewhere in 'public', as opposed to the office at home day after day after day... don't get me wrong, i like my office - but this is, after all, a solitary profession: just you and your monitor - or drafting table, and it tends to get a little lonely at times.
It would be nifty if we had more 'european-type' places where you could be out amongst people but still had your privacy: eat, drink and work, like a german 'kneipe', an austrian 'kaffeehaus', a french 'bistro' or an italian 'trattoria', your studio away from your studio....

anyhoo, here is hope! Vacation time is coming, everybody is leaving on trips and going fun places, hope and me are gonna stay right at home... I'll be working, of course, but hope will catch a few rays and enjoy the great weather - global warming be damned
(this is a little development sketch for the strip after the next one -
yes, i know, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but sue me)


stick around!