Monday, May 24, 2010

revisions, revisions....

slight tweaks to the holo-ninja - nothing major, only slight but important tweaks to his outfit around the arms and legs, and his head - just a little streamlining, so to speak...

mo' better stuff next time, promise


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


yes- monkeys are funny!!! - but this is not about that....

the story just so happens to be (in parts) about the 'old man of the forest' - the midgard group and hope embark on an adventure in the forests of Indonesia, which, along with the thousands of animals and plants that live there, are facing grave danger as they are destroyed at an alarming rate due to omnicorp's massive illegal logging operation and clearing for their palm oil plantations. These tropical forests are of global importance, ranked second in terms of size to those of Brazil and covering over 406,000 square miles. The rapid deterioration of tropical forests is causing an incalculable loss in terms of biodiversity and is pushing species such as the orangutan ever closer to extinction.

this is look development for the orangutan, how he would fit within the hope-universe:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

holographic ninja

HL-HP technology ninja:

hard-light holographic projection of practically super-powered assassins within a Hyper-flux magnetically induced super-condensed lumo-energy field

i'm happy with the way this guy turned out - i'm pretty much sticking to the 64 colors of the old DC palette, but i'm making exceptions now and then, when necessary - white itself is a cheat to begin with, considering that within this conceit, the light tan color of the background is the lightest you would get, as it is the actual tone of the old newsprint paper itself.

to achieve the necessary glow, the light blues and cyans of the holograms are a bit cheated and tweaked, a little cleaner than you could achieve with the old process - but i still think it works and harmonizes with the rest...

and yes, our little ninja here is literally armed to the teeth - i only put as many weapons as possible on this one guy for look-development purposes - they wont always be carrying this much, although - it's kinda funny...


stay tuned


Monday, May 10, 2010


Ah, what the heck - i DO have two background penciled out waiting to be inked and colored, but because of what little storywork i AM doing, it's now decided that the holo-ninjas will make an appearance, and thus during this adventure hope will find out about one of her gifts, her special powers - the soundwaves of her voice are able to temporarily destabilize OMNICORP's super-condensed lumo-energy fields - which in this case materialize as deadly assasins.

The title of this post also reminds me that i need to think about lettering....

Saturday, May 1, 2010


done with major look-development for characters!!

i've looked into ben-day dot newsprint specifics

and researched comic-book coloring before the emergence
of higher quality paper and computer coloring

i'm basically restricting myself to the old DC 64 color palette
(with a few exceptions to make things work) and further emulate the old look by laying down a light tint to the 'paper' and add a subtle layer of printing dots, slightly out of register, of course...
i'm pretty happy with the result, it's a mixture of old and new, very close to my original color choices, while giving it a little 'class' (if by class we all understand old, cheap and slightly musty comic books - i.e. pulp)

next, backgrounds! (and ongoing story work)