Monday, January 29, 2007

hope's mySpace page

curious about hope? drop by her mySpace page to see her in action and see some of the development that has gone into one of the dreamhive's original properties. request to be one of her friends and drop by often to check out updates.

yet another accent on the dreamhive's ability to stay on top of what's new out there, is the fact that we are using flektor in this blog AND hope's mySpace page.

flektor is a new internet experience being pioneered by andy gavin, jason kay, and jason rubin. the dreamhive is participating in an exclusive test of the technology, so we can't go into detail much right now. let's just say its going to change how we share tidbits about ourselves online.

we've also integrated hope's flek into this blog so you can see that you'll be able to keep up with hope via our blog, mySpace page, and probably soon...our main site.


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