Sunday, February 25, 2007

wes' workshop at fiea

wes is one of the most humble folks i know. so i'm gonna post a follow up to his workshop at fiea on friday for him. that way i can toot his horn for him...did that sound dirty? i think it did:)

anyway, wes' workshop was great!!

all i can say is that i love being involved in a career where you are constantly learning new things. friday was no exception for me. i really learned alot from wes' workshop as i'm sure the students in attendance did.

another thing that we were reminded of at fiea was the sense of energy and synergy which makes up what is most fun about our industry...the excuse to use our imagination on a day to day basis and to collaborate with others who are like minded and share your passion.

it was awesome to see the student's work and to be reminded of what we really wanna establish at the dreamhive...a pure sense of artistic collaboration and storytelling.

we would like to thank brian, tom, and all the folks at fiea for making us feel welcome and for setting this whole thing up.

...and thanks wes for doin' us proud!

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