Sunday, March 18, 2007

30 minute exercise

heya folks,
here at the dreamhive we're always trying to keep our skills honed in the midst of all the craziness. for me, what that occasionally entails is quick studies..

idea here is to decide ahead of time, what the focus is gonna be and quickly get to that spot. for the beast model(from a concept by a good pal of mine matt long) i wanted to focus mostly on the design of the face. so minimal work was put into any of the other elements minus overall mass and form. for the torso, the focus was the sternum, abs, obliques, and overall posing.

enjoy, i'll post these from time to time when i get little pockets of time to do them. next up will most likely the female form.


Roland Mechael said...

awesome work billy! I hope you could help model some of my characters too!

how are thing's goin? hope you still remember me! ;)


bill(y) said...

abasolutely i remember you mikey. how's it going? as i'm sure you can tell with my late, late reply...i'm staying very busy.