Friday, June 1, 2007

3d storyboarding

one method that we apply to everything we do is a process called 3d storyboarding. its not exactly an animatic and definately not a 2d storyboard. its kinda in the middle. this helps us address staging, timing, and pacing fairly quickly. it also helps get a common visual language set up very early on, thus allowing for the locking down of shots. this is critical in regards to other processes in our pipeline, something that allows us to work on digital assets AND animate in tandem. which is much more efficient.


anyway, here's a peek at a 3d storyboard panel for an animated hope short that we plan on starting production on by fall. as you can see, we have the ability to explore the 3d space quickly and get exactly what we want, which allows us to commit to a shot.

this is also a good way to rough out ideas for print media, like a comic book...

...if we ever decided we wanted to do something like that;)


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