Wednesday, November 7, 2007

one year!!!

the dreamhive would like to take a moment out of our superdee duper busy schedule to give ourselves a hardy pat on the back. november 2nd was our one year anniversary.

we've had a very successful first year. our work on Iron and the Maiden is getting close to being finished and we are really getting excited. We've gotten the opportunity to do something the way we like to do things and we really feel like it's gonna turn some heads. jason rubin has been a great collaborator on this project.

we also had the distinct pleasure of getting to work with some very talented animators, modelers, and riggers here recently.

ready at dawn was a great crew to work with and we really enjoyed going by their studio and getting to see the cool stuff they are up to.

we also have been working on another super cool project that we'll hopefully get to announce soon.

hope, as always, is still moving along. we've been toying with some character design changes that will take full advantage of our production pipelines.

all in all it has been a super cool first year.

we would like to thank our families for their continued support and limitless patience. it would not be possible to continue forward without their efforts as well.

i personally could not have asked for a better set of partners. we each compliment each other in our expertise. the fact that we managed to live together in a one bedroom condo in san diego for two weeks without killing each other speaks volumes towards our professional and personal relationship as a studio.

stay tuned...our second year is shaping up to be better than the first!

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