Friday, February 8, 2008

Finding Hope at Kidscreen we go. the BIG trip is upon us.

next week i'm going to the big apple and a convention called Kidscreen to meet with folks from nickelodeon, disney, and BBCKids to pitch Hope--The Animated TV Series.

all you folks out there take a little time next week to keep your fingers crossed for the dreamhive. i'll be representing three other uber talented folks that i started the dreamhive with and an idea that has been in the making for 3 years. it's a ton of pressure on my shoulders...but it's easy to deal with when the idea is this good.

it's go time.

just 'cause we're all about sharing here at the dreamhive(and because we've already secured rights on this stuff:))'s what we're pitching. please feel free to comment and let us know what ya's think. especially you guys out there with kids:

The Dreamhive is currently hard at work combining all of their different experiences into a unique form of tweenie-based entertainment. A project called Hope.

The show is centered around HOPE - a 16 year old girl with emerging mysterious powers, fractured memories and unknown side effects of decades of genetic experimentation. Her quest for the truth about her mysterious origin interferes with the secret and sinister machinations of a seemingly omnipotent global corporation.

HOPE teams up with the members of PROJECT MIDGARD, a rag tag eco-activist group. They provide her with the necessary infrastructure, intel, and experience to uncover OMNICORP'S closest guarded secrets. This group also provides her with a pseudo-father figure...their leader Jacob Jacobson.

Furthermore, HOPE learns to rely on her ever growing network of Dreamhive kids and their pet WardenBots. This resource was accidentally discovered during an infiltration of one of OMNICORP's super secret H.I.V.E projects. It is the bloodline of OMNICORP's world dominance, the ability to harness and channel childlike energy and creativity.

Once she finds a way to overcome the WardenBots defense barriers, HOPE frees dreamhive children across the globe, teaches them how to control their ‘bots and ultimately invites them to join her cause - the birth of the Dreamhive Brigade! HOPE's ultimate backup and in alot of situations...her savior.

As the adventure progresses, HOPE acquires more sophisticated weaponry, surrounds herself with stronger allies, and masters some fantastic abilities of her own.

At the end of her journey, will HOPE decide to go back in time and reunite with her loved ones, jeopardizing the stability of time itself, or will she stay with her new friends and destroy the potential doomsday device, depriving herself of the only tool that could help her discover the secrets of her origin?

HOPE's adventures unfold in a futuristic world populated with robotic sharks, holographic ninjas, techno-imps, cyber-hippies on hoverbikes, rollerskating assasins, kids mindlinking with their massive pet-bots, holo-whips, jellyfish with laserbeams and psycho-kinetic toddlers practicing dr. seussian kung-fu ........ in this universe, hong-kong-action is set to disco-funk, double-barreled plasma-gunfire is just another way of locomotion, light can be a weapon, sound can be your best friend, and fast-food is being downloaded from the internet.

To escape the omnipresent corporate elevator-music blanketing all airwaves, people are counterprogramming their digital assistants and pet-bots. Setting their playlists to shuffle provides them with a continuous score for their lives, drowning out the muzak and the mindnumbing din of perpetual newscasts, reality shows and advertising.

In a world almost totally controlled by OMNICORP, sound IS your best friend! Music remains one of the great tools of individualism - people express themselves as much through music as they do through fashion, words and actions - from ballads to bebop, from hip hop to heavy metal, from rhythm and blues to drum'n' bass - constantly flowing, changing and evolving, music accompanies the moodswings, amplifies the drama and comments on the action. Whereas moments of friendship and love would be accompanied by the harmonious and lilting strings of a vienna waltz, a holo-fight sounds more clashing and shrill, like a futuristic DJ-battle: the resulting soundtrack for the HOPE-universe is one continuous musical mash-up.

Hope is a unique interactive episodic based universe that starts as an animated television series...but is soooo much more. Kids ages 9-14 will be able to create their own online Avatar, or persona, and safely enjoy the world of social networking as a Dreamhive Kid with their own pet wardenbot that they design and continously personalize. While enjoying the simple pleasures of posting messages on other kid's boards, personalizing their robot with unique powerups and music playlists, they will also be able to follow and ultimately interact with the Hope universe in a way that will not only follow the storyline...but DRIVE it. They will help decide the fate of our heroine, Hope, and join the fight against OMNICORP.

as it is with current online social networking outlets, like Facebook, kids actively participating in the online Hope universe will be rewarded in various exciting ways. in fact, once every season a lucky kid will be chosen to have their Dreamhive Kid and Wardenbot be featured in a Hope episode as a Dreamhive Kid that gets rescued!

i hope you all dig it!!

Hope is a copywritten property currently in development at The Dreamhive.

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