Monday, December 29, 2008


we're not much for sitting back and relaxing. while we have definitely enjoyed the past few days off with family...we're ready to face the new year with some fresh new stuff.

we've found that iPhone development is really cool and an avenue that offers us tons of opportunities to introduce folks to our library of IP. so we're going to do just that...and, of course, a little bit more:)

there are a few developments that we hope to be announcing here soon.

one thing in particular is our next game. mathias has spent some of his "time off" working on some gorgeous new artwork that we're going to be using to produce our sophomore effort and follow up to Squish Squash.

so...long story short...we're not going anywhere and neither should you guys. keep on coming by and checking in on us because we promise lots of new iPhone-centric developments this year.

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