Monday, September 14, 2009

"Life is...

...what happens while you're busy making other plans"

(John Lennon)

"houston, we have a problem"

(James A. Lovell)

Apologies for the long silence - we've been thrown quite the curveball recently, and 'real life' immediately took over - nevertheless, i've had this new hope strip already in the works, and REALLY wanted to finish it, before the (*&)(&#@ really hits the fan for the next couple of weeks and gives my life a darker complexion.


again, the strip's topic should be self-explanatory - there seem to be several quasi-religious parties debating the amount of thawing in the arctic regions, whether it's a regular occurrence or a man-made one, and whether the polar bears are going to be able to survive, adapt or - surrender. as always, there ARE facts underneath all the noise, you just have to be willing to dig deep - and please, DO make up your own mind, it's important - you owe it to the kids.

artistically, this was a lot
of fun - i could bring the 'professor' back, who is towing the company line, but he's a great character: i love to draw him, but then again, i'm a little biased... ;)

i loved doing the polar bear, and just as with the bikinis last time around, i really enjoy putting hope in different outfits - and she gets a kick out of dressing up, too....
her snow-suit is loosely based on a dolce & gabbana creation from the winter 2006 collection - (mille grazie, giovanotti!!) fast forwarded to 2039 and filtered back to today through a looking glass infused with t
he smurfs, gaston and asterix and obelix...

bon appetit


p.s. please do stay put, there MAY be another silent period ahead, but i WILL be back - albeit from a different location (not that you will notice that, this being the internet and all...)

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