Thursday, May 13, 2010

holographic ninja

HL-HP technology ninja:

hard-light holographic projection of practically super-powered assassins within a Hyper-flux magnetically induced super-condensed lumo-energy field

i'm happy with the way this guy turned out - i'm pretty much sticking to the 64 colors of the old DC palette, but i'm making exceptions now and then, when necessary - white itself is a cheat to begin with, considering that within this conceit, the light tan color of the background is the lightest you would get, as it is the actual tone of the old newsprint paper itself.

to achieve the necessary glow, the light blues and cyans of the holograms are a bit cheated and tweaked, a little cleaner than you could achieve with the old process - but i still think it works and harmonizes with the rest...

and yes, our little ninja here is literally armed to the teeth - i only put as many weapons as possible on this one guy for look-development purposes - they wont always be carrying this much, although - it's kinda funny...


stay tuned


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