Saturday, July 3, 2010

La Pacifica

background work for the first page splash! Again, the architecture in La Pacifica, as well as OMNICORP technology is heavily anime-inspired, which looks great when rendered with the 'silver-age' color palette and spiced up a little with the classic 'ben-day' dot pattern.

i'm kinda proud of the line-work here, which is all free-hand, not using a straight-edge or anything, and not cleaned up in photoshop - gives it a nice, organic feel!

btw, i'm ALMOST done with the big 'reveal'-panel featuring hope's 'frazetta-pose', which will happen later in the story, i'm just posting this work focusing on outside environments in the meantime because of some necessary re-design concerning the holographic representation of OMNICORP's board of directors. It's much more ambitious now (go figure!)




bill(y) said...

ahhh. panels like these make me yearn for the old days :)

mathias said...

the old days are gone - let's rock the new days!!