Thursday, December 2, 2010

...and now it's dark!

i changed the splash-page establishing shot from dusk to actual nightime,
because it made more sense story-wise, and also because this way it allows me to show off the crazy hustle and bustle of the megalopolis - before, it just looked too quiet and serene, more like venice than hong kong.
it was a crazy amount of work, though... ;)
oh, and i also took this story's title out of the masthead of the page and made a logo out of it - and although i'm not 100% convinced that THAT's what it's gonna be, i kinda like it and will leave it for now
onward and upward...


bill(y) said...

dude, i've been catching up on everything today. your art gets better and better with every post.

great stuff man!

mathias said...

awwww, thank you muchly!