Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Technique and training

"One of the most neglected elements of martial arts is the physical workout":

after the holidays (with way too much food), including a couple of days off from work, regular postings shall resume!
i've been putting together a comic book (ashcan) for the upcoming con-season, showing off all the stuff from the last two years, including the webcomics and all the preparatory work for the upcoming graphic novel - it means lot of re-formatting and layouting, and that doesn't go as smoothly as anticipated, as usual. It's also keeping me away from developing new stuff, at least for another week!
I'm also still diligently working on the script, still plotting and developing the 'scriptment', the step inbetween the treatment and the actual script - but i'm clearly no writer, this is really difficult for me - well, it's the first one, so we'll see how this goes...

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