Friday, March 28, 2008

Let us introduce...

...a few more characters from the HOPE universe.

MISTER X--believed to be either a disgruntled employee of OMNICORP with senior management level security clearance or a world class hacker. this mysterious individual provides inside information about OMNICORP'S most clandestine ops to PROJECT MIDGARD.

MASAMURO HIROSHII--once an employee of OMNICORP for which he invented the holo-technology that is still closely guarded. called "OSHI" by those who know him, this techno-imp is now a (retired) independent holographic blacksmith supposedly equipped with his own holo-forge excellent cook.

HOLOGRAPHIC NINJAS--HL-HP technology ninja: hyper-flux magnetically induced super-condensed lumo-energy field. the result is a hard-light holographic projection of a limited number of cybernetically enhanced assassins. hard to understand and even harder to defeat.

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