Thursday, October 16, 2008

join the cause with roxy calhoun!!

here at the dreamhive we love us some new IP. this has been one of the things we've been putting a great deal of effort into the past few months. as a result, we have some great new ideas to share with you folks.

having said roxy calhoun.

in the 1940s a group of daring young women did some-thing women weren't supposed to do then: they flew fighter planes, bombers, and every other kind of plane the army had. they were WASPs: Women Airforce Service Pilots and they were some of the bravest, unsung heroes of world war II.

roxy was one of these daring pilots. an orphan raised in small southern towns, roxy learned early that no one was going to hand her anything. she had to earn it. growing up in the south, she developed a tenacity and moral fortitude that served her(and her country) well in her life.

she left the south as a young woman and made her way to new york working her way up within the ranks of the booming newspaper trade. she became well known as a fast learner and someone able to dig up any news she puts her mind to. this reputation landed her a special assignment in hawaii. one that had her reporting on the growing unrest in the area.

following the advice of a trusted friend, roxy became a pilot to have better access to the hot spots around the pacific. she was literally flying high and reaping the benefits of her hard work and go get 'em attitude. she had no way of predicting how her idealistic world and newfound sense of freedom would get blown to bits.

when the japanese attacked pearl harbor on the morning of december 7, 1941, roxy watched from a small training plane in the sky...

...the very next year she was one of the first women to join the WASPs.

the story of how she became a WASP is well known. exactly WHAT she did for america during the war is not. in fact, roxy thought the secrets of her past would stay hidden forever and she would fade away secretly. as years passed, she became more certain that the fact that she was one of america's greatest unsung heroes would never be discovered. that is...until her grand-daughter, aspiring to become a journalist like her grandmother, was able to locate some of roxy's journals.

coming soon...the dreamhive invites you to join in the investigation and discover exactly what this daring dame did for her country.


Cindy said...

Hi Bill(y),
'just checked out "roxy calhoun", loved the storyline, fiction based on fact, sort of a Real Life Wonder Woman. The world had better get ready for Roxy...'cause Roxy's ready to rock the world! Keep up the Great work...also can't wait until the phone apps are ready!
Tell Amy, Sarah and Evan that
Sarah, Megan and I said "Hi"
Take Care,
P.S. yesterday was the day all of those crazy people jumped off the New River Gorge Bridge..Bridge Day in WV...we stayed home:)

bill(y) said...

thanks cindy. tell everybody the harpers said howdy back.

yeah, definitely keep an eye out for our first game...codenamed squish squash right now. we should have more info about it very soon.

ahhh. bridge day. i miss climbing at the new on bridge day. it was always the most surreal thing to look over from the rock faces and see all the people and then see them jump!

take care.