Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Squish Squash

is it better to crush your enemies? or squash them? once you get your grubby fingers on Squish Squash...the answer will be clear.

"what is Squish Squash?" you may ask.

well, the short answer is that it's the upcoming iPhone/iTouch game currently in production at The Dreamhive.

the long answer...well, it's long and i have artwork to create. plus it's a lot more fun to see than read about. so, we'll save the long answer for later when we plan on treating you guys to some gameplay footage.

however, i wanted to take a moment and hit you guys with some killer pre-production artwork by mathias.

enjoy and make sure to keep popping by because we plan on sharing all kinds of goodies with you guys as we work diligently on Squish Squash.

fun to say...ain't it? Squish Squash.

heh, heh...

even more fun to play!

Squish Squash :)

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