Saturday, May 23, 2009

le prochain post

salut - it's me again, mathias
sorry it took me so long with my follow-up post, but we're always soo busy -
and then life gets in the way, and another week has passed
- i promise to post more often, really...

here is the the character i talked about in the previous post - the 'evil doctor' character, but not in the 'dr. evil vein' - this one is not out to rule the world or extort 'one hundred billion dollars', but he is more one of the cogs in the big wheel of a multinational corporation, meddling with the genetic makeup of the world that surrounds and sustains us, doing what they tell him is right, - a sad, pathetic little guy, really....

... but i wanted to make him funny, on top of him being a bad guy you could feel sorry for!
so, for inspiration, i keep going back to the stuff i read while growing up back in germany, the franco-belgian comic-albums of franquin, peyo, will, roba, morris, and of course uderzo. we're talking about the fathers of asterix, lucky luke, the smurfs, the marsupilami and gaston, and dozens of other great characters. All of these artists are masters of the funny book, working with a comic-dynamic line, themselves inspired by US-american cartoons and the comic-book work of milton caniff, carl barks and walt kelly. In their work, they were always after dynamic poses in an effort to evoke motion on the static page, and facial expressions supporting the storytelling as much as possible - as a result, any one of the pages of these types of BD's - bandes dessinees, large format european comic albums - are a joy to look at and are extremely funny as drawings, even if you don't speak a single word of french - and believe me, i should know....

a bientot



(oh, and the corn will provide the background for this upcoming strip, so i need to make sure it also fits graphically within that world...)


bill(y) said...

awesome stuff.

wow...i wonder who was the reference for that sad, silly little man:)

mathias said...

thanks billy!!!

but i don't know what you're getting at....