Thursday, May 28, 2009

panel discussion

here is the pencil stage of a panel for the upcoming hope strip...

i'm quite happy how it turned out - hope and the doctor work well together, i think:

he's getting all worked up, and she remains skeptical,
not convinced by all his (pseudo)-scientific explanations...

the work on the comic strip turns out to be very helpful in further defining the main characters of the hope universe:
hope, the girl thrown out of time, without the support of her real family or any memory of her past (our future) is the true innocent, a child in a world of run by adults. She is full of joy, wonder, and - well, hope... - much in the tradition of many classic childlike fairytale-heroes whose charm, unspoiled minds and childlike purity can be virtually disarming - certainly something that would easily drive any evil, highly motivated, narrow-minded corporate lackey up the walls...



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